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Sales Associate Job Description

T-Mobile Sales Associate Job Description

At T-Mobile, you’ll be primarily selling wireless contracts and phones. This is an excellent position for young adults who are able to communicate well, since you’ll be talking a lot with customers who are looking for the perfect phone on an affordable plan.

T-Mobile Sales Associate Quick Facts

HeadquartersBellevue, WA
Competitors Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint
Average Hourly Salary$10.57
Average Annual Salary$33,257
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If you want to work at T-Mobile, you’ll need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent GED. You must have some previous experience in sales and customer service. Excellent speaking and writing skills are required for this role, as well as basic familiarity with computers. Perhaps most importantly, you will need to learn and use T-Mobile’s values to deliver results when working with your customers.


Retail sales associates at T-mobile are expected to build relationships with the customer and understand what they need, so that they are willing to recommend the service to their friends and family. They must make complicated contracts, services, and products seem easy to understand. When a customer walks in the door, they should feel welcome and cared about by the staff so that their needs are met before they exit the door. Customers should feel comfortable and welcome, as this builds their confidence in the company. If they aren’t satisfied, ask them for any feedback so that T-mobile can improve their service and sales results.

Associates should be able to multitask during busy times and utilize the systems in place to help customers, such as the point of sale system and customer accounts. When coworkers need help, lend a hand. Typical tasks include merchandising and cleaning, among others. Help train new employees and refer people you know who would make good candidates to work at T-Mobile. Stay positive and celebrate individual and team success.

Sales associates should maintain the cleanliness of the store by making sure products and spaces are neat and organized. Setting up or refreshing marketing displays are a common task in each store. Employees should obey the dress code and code of conduct, as stated in the employee handbook.

T-Mobile Sales Associate Interview Questions

  • In one word, how would you describe this company?
  • Why are you qualified for this position?
  • Tell me a time that you turned a bad situation into a positive one.
  • Describe a time you dealt with a difficult or angry customer.
  • How would you handle a customer who’s being difficult over the phone?
  • State a time when you went against company policy.
  • What did you like and dislike about your last job?
  • Give me examples of any sales experience you have.
  • Describe a time where you were the leader on a task and what you did to make everyone feel like they were a part of the success.
  • Describe yourself in one word.
  • What’s your biggest weakness?
  • Try to convince me to upgrade to the $80 plan from the $60 plan.
  • Name a time where you didn’t agree with your supervisor and how you handled it.

T-Mobile Sales Associate Job Description

T-Mobile Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales Associate is the number one position responsible for delivering T-Mobile’s aspiration of being Americas Most Highly Regarded Service Company. The Sales Associate exemplifies Delivering Customer Delight with an attitude of service to the customer while generating sales.

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