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Sales Associate Job Description

Sales Associate Duties – Part 2

This is Part 2 of Sales Associate Duties. Read Part 1 here: Sales Associate Duties.


Ringing up sales at the cash register is a common responsibility in the retail sales associate job description. At the cash register, a sales associate is expected to be able to process transactions such as sales and returns through a variety of payment types, such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, store credit, gift certificates. Credit cards may require a signature, while debit cards require a PIN.

Sales associates are also expected to know how to enter discounts, rebates, and promotions on the computer as well as handle taxes and any shipping charges. Ensure that all of the information is accurate and the customer is given a receipt of the transaction. After all of the payment stuff is taken care of, the sales associate must bag, package, or wrap the merchandise.

Sales Associate Duties - Cashier

Sales Associate Duties - Cashier

Towards the end of a shift operating a cash register, or at some other predetermined scheduled time, the sales associate may be required to balance the register to make sure that the receipts match the amount of cash within, and reconcile any differences. Operating the cash register efficiently and accurately is a mark of a good sales associate. To summarize Cashier, responsibilities of a sales associate in this area include:

  • Operating the cash register
  • Processing various payment types
  • Process discounts
  • Bag the merchandise
  • Balance the cash register

Administrative Duties

Aside from sales, customer service, inventory management, and operating the cash register, the retail sales associate job description involves a number of miscellaneous administrative duties. For example, depending on the shift schedule, an associate may be required to open the store which involves arriving before the store opens before anyone else and preparing everything for the big day. On the other hand, he or she may be the last employee to stay and close the store by cleaning everything and then locking up for the day. An associate may be expected to perform basic housecleaning such as cleaning shelves, bathrooms, tables, windows, etc. to accomplish these duties.

Sales Associate Duties - Administrative Duties

Another administrative duty is to answer phone calls to the store in a courteous manner and relay any inquiries or requests to the right person. A customer may call in advance to have the store hold something for them, or ask if the store carries a certain product or has it in stock. Sales associates may also be asked to work security or loss prevention, to make sure merchandise theft and damage is kept to a minimum. And lastly, associates may also be required to hold and attend staff meetings and schedule shifts. To summarize Administrative Duties, the sales associate job description in this area include:

  • Opening or closing the store
  • Basic housecleaning
  • Answer phone calls
  • Security and loss prevention
  • Attend staff meetings and schedule shifts

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